I began working within digital environments with an Atari 1990 and a Ensoniq EPS. Was first published in 2002 and since then i’ve published music several times a year in films, commercials, installations, musical productions, etc. in a total well over forty million times. Also worked on a lot of sound design, VO-recording/directing, game-sounds, edits, remixes, mix & mastering with both Swedish and international productions. I work with mine and others’ music under several different aliases in order to retain my creative freedom. The music in this forum just happened to be made under my own name.

Started my own company in 2007 and ever since then I have worked to improve my skills and broaden my musicality in all kinds of musical styles.

As a creative soul I also do a lot of non-music/sound projects and art is a passion that always been with me. As a creative consultant, director and sometimes classic Art-direction, such as designs, paintings, logos, visuals, films, edits, etc.


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