Bahnhof – Komarovs Betrayal

Pionen was originally a shelter and a command center for civil defense, and is infiltration deep into the bedrock below Södermalm (Stockholm). That would clear the bunker the near miss from a nuclear weapon. That makes it still, but now it is one of the largest server farms that are protected by a mountain.

To further enhance the space station Bahnhof feeling has invited eleven teams departing students at Royal Institute of Technology to provide suggestions for the decoration of the biosphere. Johan Efrik was invited to tie installation with a history and music that depicts their impact.

So the Installation – Komorovs Betrayal – was based on a true story and the background sounds for an authentic recording of the astronaut Komorovs voice.
– According to myth, he lost the grip during a spacewalk. In despair he cried to the ground control, while he was floating further and further away from the space capsule.
Which I was stuck on and spun on for the story.
In despair he Cried To The ground control, the while he was floating Further and Further Away From The space capsule.

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